Art Pieces #28 and #29

Art Pieces called for „My dream vacation“ in challenge #29 and for an ATC-sized baggage tag in #28.

I have been very lucky so far in my life. Among other things, I have had several dream vacations. I have been to Greenland twice.  I saw the polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba/Canada and the penguins in Simonstown/South Africa. I saw the polar lights and the midnight sun. I’ve been cruising in an open top jeep between olive groves under the full moon of the Mediterranean and I have seen the stars and the moon the sun north and south of the equator. I climbed on to the top of the Chinese Wall. I have used the Staten Island ferry in New York and the Star ferry in Hong Kong. I have seen castles and towers, skyscrapers and cottages and nomad tents, ancient monuments and the transitory art of snow castles. I have seen the desert, hills and mountains, woods and wild country, I have stood on shores and beaches on many places on this world. Last but not least, I have walked all over my home town and the city of Frankfurt/Main where I was born and seen a fair share of my home country of Germany (though I am lacking in visits to the eastern part of it).

I have experienced the fun and friendship of small and large gatherings of scouts and guides. I have travelled with friends, with family and on my own.

So, what is a dream vacation for me?

When I started to think about it, and all those dream vacations I was lucky to have, I suddenly remembered an idea I had when more states joined the Schengen-Agreement this year which allows for easy travel within the EU. I wanted, leisurely! , to travel through the EU – from the Baltic States to Portugal, from Ireland to the Balkan states. And this is what the ATC is supposed to show: My dream of a road trip through Europe from B as in Berlin to Z as in Zagreb.


Stamp: unkown; background paper: brochure from „Lufthansa Reisemarkt“

As for the baggage tag, I wanted to make it not only for show but for use – which means to hide the adress so that it can’t be seen right away. This way, nobody snooping round the airport or train station can spy on you and find out that your house or flat is going to be empty because you are going away… Constant vigilance! (as Mad-eye-Moody from JKRs Harry Potter series says…)



Stamps: Judikins; background: old timetables from local transport; hat-elastic


Ein Kommentar zu “Art Pieces #28 and #29

  1. Great ATC’s Lotti! I enjoyed to read about your trips, you’ve really seen many different places! So now it’s the EU-countries‘ turn:)
    The baggage tag is also super. How smart of you to hide your name in that way!

    Thanks for joining us at Art Pieces!

    Gro xx

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